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7. Kindergarten

Parents are obligated to take care of their children and to supervise them according to their ages. You are particularly responsible for the children’s mental and physical well-being. If both parents wish to work and other family members are unable to supervise them, it is possible to have the children looked after in a kindergarten, a day nursery (Kinderhort) or by a child minder (Tagesmutter). Children from the age of one have been entitled to a day care centre place (Betreuungsplatz) since 1 August, 2013.

Questions and information on the subject of care opportunities for small children will be dealt with by your Municipal Administration.

Should you be unable to pay the kindergarten fees, you must submit an application for assumption of the kindergarten fees to your Municipal Administration or the Administrative District‘s Youth Department (Jugendamt), for asylum seekers: Office for Migration (Amt für Migration) Asylbewerberleistungsgesetz - AsylLG.

The Adminstrative District’s Youth Department (Jugendamt) can also help you to find a child minder.

A child minder looks after the child in her own home. The costs are substantially higher than kindergarten fees. Under certain condition, the Administrative District will also assume the fees for a child minder.

In the meantime, many kindergartens in the Schwäbisch Hall Administrative District already give children help with the language.

Ask your Municipal Administration; it will tell you what is available. Take note that the quicker your child learns German, the easier it will also be to deal with school later.

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