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Responsive Web for mobile devices

The Schwäbisch Hall integration now offers all users with help from the Responsive Webdesigns the possibility to profit from an optimally customized internet experience.


Convenient for users

For smartphone and tablet-PC users, retrieving webpages without the correct mobile format is not very convenient. The need for zooming and scrolling really takes away from the joy of surfing the website and drop-down menus are difficult or completely impossible to access on mobile devices.

Responsive Webdesign means the automatic adjusting of the content and layout of webpages to fit the relevant device. Thanks to Media Queries (Query of type and capacity of user-device) the layout of a website can be displayed independently from the device that is accessing the webpage. Through this the website is displayed differently on a desktop computer to on a tablet PC, various smartphones, or a TV.

Responsive Webdesign therefore solves the simple “mobile version” which was only optimized for terminal devices and allows websites to be displayed optimally on several mobile devices. Websites are automatically synchronized with the CMS so that there is no extra effort.

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