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Office for migration

Informations about the Office for Migration (Amt für Migration)

The "Office for Migration" in the district office coordinates and regulates the migration of immigrants in the district. It is mainly responsible for:

  • Foreign nationals
  • Asylum seekers, refugees and those with 'tolerated' status
  • Emigrants and late resettlers

From arrival through to naturalisation or termination of residence.

The Office has the following "faculties":

  • Immigration and Naturalization Authority, civil status
  • AsylbLG, implementation of the FlüAG, refugee social work
  • Integration

The "main focuses" of work are:

  • Managing immigration in the district
  • Right of residence and employment law for foreign nationals
  • Asylum proceedings and asylum seeker benefit laws
  • Termination of residence in the Federal Republic of Germany
  • Accommodation, plus social counselling and refugee and asylum seeker welfare
  • Integration work / integration management
  • Establishment of citizenship
  • Obtainment of German citizenship by naturalisation
  • Supervision of register offices
  • Name changes


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Contact & Opening Hours

Landratsamt Schwäbisch Hall (Offices of the Schwäbisch Hall Administrative District)
- Amt für Migration - (Office for Migration)

P.O. Box 11 04 53

74507 Schwäbisch Hall

Building: Karl-Kurz-Straße 44

74523 Schwäbisch Hall 

Tel:  0791/755-7494
Fax: 0791/755-7495
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Opening Hours:


08:00 - 12:00
13:00 - 15:30
13:00 - 17:00

Head of Department:
Mrs. Mayr
Tel:   0791/755-7500
Fax:  0791/755-7495
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The following tasks are carried out by the departments at the office:

Foreign national and Naturalisation Authority / Civil Status Law

General counselling and support, visa procedures, declarations of commitment for visits from abroad, granting and renewal of travel documents and replacement identity cards, authorisations and obligations to integration courses, residence documents (residence and settlement permits), labour migration incl. permission for aliens, hardship and right of residence regulations, determination and certification of the right of residence of EU citizens, decisions on ARB 1/80, misdemeanours and criminal charges, expulsion, deportation and repatriation of foreign nationals, professional supervision in passport, ID card and registration systems.

Establishing German citizenship, determination of statelessness, naturalisation, acquisition and retention of German citizenship by declaration, discharge and waiving of German citizenship and its renouncement, withdrawal of naturalisation, option provisions, civil status with technical supervision of the district’s register offices, public name changes, insurance supervision.

Contact person:
Department Manager/Deputy Head Mrs Maile
Tel:  0791/755-7262
Fax: 0791/755-7495
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Foreign national and Naturalisation Authority / Civil Status Law


AsylbLG, implementation of the FlüAG and refugee social work

Counselling and support for residents at the provisional placement facilities and subsequent accommodation, benefits according to the Asylum Seekers Benefits Act (AsylbLG), use of full-time social workers, coordination of voluntary refugee support. Facilitation of the integration of immigrants in the district, implementation of national integration plan, regional integration plan and inter-district integration concept, development and implementation of integration projects for immigrants, management of the district-wide working groups for migration and the working group of the European Social Fund (ESF), management of the integration working group, integration office for all immigrants, contact and counselling centre for emigrants and late resettlers and relatives, integration support for late resettlers. Repatriation advice for asylum seekers and refugees.

Head of Department  Ms. Bocher-Hohenstein
Tel:  0791/755-7360
Fax: 0791/755-97360
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Responsibilities of temporary accommodation (status from 21.02.2019)

Responsibilities social benefits for asylum seekers (status from 01.11.2018)



Promoting the integration of migrants in the district, implementation of national integration plan, national integration plan and internal integration concept, development and implementation of integration projects for immigrants, management of the circular working group for migration and the working group of the European Social Fund (ESF), leadership of the working group integration, integration office for all immigrants , Start-up and counseling center for Aussiedler and Spätaussiedler and family members, integration assistance for Spätaussiedler, return advice for Ausreisewillige, youth migration counseling, education coordination, integration officer, integration manager.

Department Manager Mrs Hübsch
Tel:  0791/755-7987
Fax: 0791/755-7472
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Responsibilities integration manager (status from 10.07.2019)



Zentraler Kontakt

Schwäbisch Hall

Amt für Migration
Postfach 11 04 53
74507 Schwäbisch Hall
Tel.:  0791/755-7494
Fax:  0791/755-7495


Karl-Kurz-Straße 44
74523 Schwäbisch Hall