Schwäbisch Hall Integration (Druckversion)

5. Health Insurance

Health Insurance (Krankenversicherung)

a)    General

In Germany, if you are employed (other than marginally) you have health insurance. Your family members (wife, children) are also insured, even if you have a very low or no income.

As from 1 September, 2009, all the health funds (Krankenkasse) demand a uniform contribution of 15.5%, albeit that the services offered are not all the same. It is worth comparing the health funds (Allgemeine Ortskrankenkassen [AOK], Ersatzkrankenkassen, company & guild health funds) before making a decision. The addresses can be found in the phone book.

After registration, yo will receive an insurance card (Versicherungskarte) from the health fund, which you must take to every visit to the doctor.


b)   Special arrangements for Ethnic German immigrants and their family members

Under § 11 BVFG, Ethnic German immigrants and their family members have a right to a Federal Treatment Certificate (Bundesbehandlungsschein) for three months following their arrival, so that they may receive medical treatment immediately. In Schwäbisch Hall, this is issued by the AOK Heilbronn-Franken, Unterlimpurger Str. 12. Presentation of the registration certificate (Registrierschein) is required.


c)    Health insurance for pensioners

Until your pension is approved, you are insured for three months under a temporary health insurance certificate (Krankenschein) which you will receive from your local health fund. You will then be automatically be granted health cover by your pension insurance institute (Rentenversicherungsträger).


d)   Health  insurance for people on social welfare (Sozialhilfe)

If you are receiving social welfare (Sozialhilfe), you must voluntarily insure yourself with a health fund. This is only possible if you were previously compulsorily insured (Pflichtversicherung) by a German health fund. The application for a voluntary reinstatement of your insurance must be made three months after the expiration of the compulsory insurance at the latest.

You may apply for payment of the monthly health insurance contributions against presentation of a contribution certificate (Beitragsbescheinigung) to the Social Security Office (Sozialamt).